LED Products Semi-Auto­­nomous Plus

The LED products “Semi-Autonomous Plus” automatically change the lighting intensity and duration. The savings potential is significantly increased by high lighting efficiency and a shorter operating time. Thanks to several sensors, the control system takes decisions away from the human being and adapts the light interactively to the need. In addition, the radar sensitivity can be adjusted on the product and further configurations can be made via app. This high degree of adaptability makes it possible to save the optimum amount of energy in every application.

This technology not only eliminates the need for light switches and motion detectors, but also ensures a significantly longer service life. This is also guaranteed by the high quality workmanship, as our illuminant is kept as cool as possible by the aluminium.

Comparison: Degree of autonomy


non-autonomous semi-autonomous semi-autonomous plus fully autonomous
Saving potential compared to FL 55 % 87% 90 % 93%
Lifetime 50’000 h 70’000 h 70’000 h 100’000 h
Luminous efficiency 180 lm/W 180 lm/W 180 lm/W 180 lm/W
Motion sensor no Yes Yes Yes
Swarm intelligence no no no Yes

Our Semi-Autonomous Plus products

Project reports

Semi-Autonomous Plus tubes in use


Semi-Autonomous Plus will be launched soon. Currently, there are no sample projects for products with this degree of autonomy.


Semi-Autonomous Plus will be launched soon. Currently, there are no sample projects for products with this degree of autonomy.

Possible areas of use

  • – Multi-story Car Park
  • – Garage
  • – Staircase
  • – Corridor
  • – Underpass
  • – Cellar

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