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  • Our autonomous lighting system is awarded the "Solar Impulse Efficient Solution" label for sustainable and profitable solutions.

  • Have you been thinking about modernising your lighting system for a while now? Now is the ideal time to do so! Thanks to the Corona crisis, more subsidies are currently being paid out than normal.

  • We are nominated for the Top 100 Swiss Startup Award! Every year the most innovative and promising startups in Switzerland are presented there. So, how can you help us? Visit and click on the button “Vote Now” to vote for our “Lighting of the Future”. Our entire team is grateful for your support. Please vote for LEDCity AG now:

  • The conquest of French-speaking Switzerland is on our agenda for 2020. Having already built up a large portfolio of satisfied customers and partners in German-speaking Switzerland and thus already saved the annual energy consumption of over 4000 households, we are ready for the next big step: our sensor-controlled LED lighting is to establish itself in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

  • The fast-growing cleantech start-up LEDCity has already saved the annual energy consumption of over 3000 households with the help of smart light sources. The forthcoming expansion is now to be made possible by an impact investment. The vision of LEDCity is clearly formulated: With the help of its technology, energy consumption in the lighting sector is to be reduced by 80 percent compared to the founding year 2017.

  • The Swiss Climate Foundation has already supported LEDCity in the demonstration project with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy in 2017/2018. Following the successful completion of the project, the Swiss Climate Foundation is now supporting the development of the fully autonomous LED tube and its market launch. → Read the article here

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  • The recently developed lamps from the CleanTech start-up LEDcity are able to communicate with each other. They detect when and where artificial lighting is required. In the future, they will also be able to autonomously order replacements and support security staff.

  • Due to global warming, climate protection through energy-efficient measures is more important than ever before. The dissemination of such technologies is supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy and the Swiss Climate Foundation, among others. These include the autonomous LED lighting of the LEDCity start-up company, which enables the efficient use of electrical energy for lighting. Read full article at:

  • Please introduce yourself and the Startup LEDCity to our readers!My name is Patrik Deuss and I founded the Startup LEDCity AG together with Florian Gärtner. We know each other from mountain bike racing and use our competitive spirit for our common project. Our startup, based in Zurich, is active in the cleantech sector and specialises in an intelligent lighting solution that uses sensor technology and artificial intelligence to reduce the energy consumption of larger companies. Why did you decide to start a company?During my studies of energy and environmental technology I realized

  • Mr. Deuss, LEDCity wants to massively reduce energy consumption in the lighting sector with the help of smart light sources. How was the company founded in 2017?Patrick Deuss: During my studies of energy and environmental technology I became aware that over 12% of electricity is used for lighting. At the same time, I noticed that larger buildings (including our university) were usually lit around the clock, although the light was often not needed. In order to find a solution to this problem, I then worked on a concept and

  • The cleantech start-up LEDCity equips LED light sources with sensors and AI. Now the Zurich-based company is looking for money for further expansion. 12 percent of Swiss electricity consumption is accounted for by lighting. LEDCity CEO Patrik Deuss wants to change that. He is convinced that national energy consumption in the lighting sector can be reduced by 80 percent compared to the base year 2017. This is made possible by the interaction of sensor technology and AI. The light sources upgraded by LEDCity scan their surroundings for movement. An algorithm processes the

  • Two startups report on their first major order and the difficulties involved. Both have learned one thing: the perfect recipe for landing a major order does not exist in the B2B or B2C sector. When the Zurich start-up LEDCity 2017 tried to acquire new customers, they did not hesitate to pick up the phone. The two of them made their way through the Swiss corporate landscape to find potential customers for their energy-saving lighting system. They had identified a Zurich luxury hotel as a customer with great potential. The hotel had

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